Apples and Orgasms

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what can an orgasm do! By now, we all know the “Big O” feels good, but did you know it’s good for you, too? The benefits of an orgasm go far beyond pleasure. In fact, orgasms have an array of important health benefits for your mind, body, and beyond! As if you needed another excuse to have an orgasm, right?

1 – Reduces Stress: In her book, “The Orgasms Answer Guide,” sexuality educator, counselor, and researcher Dr. Beverly Whipple explains that orgasms happen when the hormone oxytocin is released from nerve cells in the hypothalamus. The chemical oxytocin that is released into the bloodstream stimulates feelings of warmth and relaxation. Although you might not have known the science behind it, we’re willing to bet you’ve experienced this too! In fact, a study done by clinical psychologist and sex therapist Carol Rinkleib Ellison found that 39% of women between the ages of 23 and 90 who masturbate claimed they did so in order to relax. So…sit back, Big O, and relax!

2 – A Fountain of Youth: The post-sex glow is no myth! Orgasms raise the levels of estrogen in your body which prevents the decrease of collagen, which, you guessed it, helps maintain your skins youthful appearance! Studies show that having sex three times a week with your partner can make you look 10 years younger!

3 – Pain Relief: Believe or not! An orgasm can help reduce your pain levels. Now that’s a new one! Remember that chemical oxytocin we mentioned earlier that helps relieve stress? That’s not the only thing this magical hormone does! Oxytocin, along with other endorphins that are released when you orgasm, are linked to relieving all kinds of pain. In her research, Dr. Whipple found when women masturbated to orgasm, their pain tolerance increased from almost 75% to over 105%!

Pick Your Pleasure by Pure Romance

You want a new sex toy. Something different. Something smart and sexy. Lucky for you, we have the technology. So, skip the web search (#aintnobodygottimeforthat) and let’s talk tech!


Some like it hot and we totally get why. Warmth is a key sensory element in arousal and sex! Just as the name suggests, Caleo warming technology is embedded inside our luxury Euforia toys (like V39 or C80!) and heats to a tantalizing 104°F/40°C in minutes, so it’s perfect for temperature play sexcapades in and out of the bedroom. Sensual vibrations + body melting warmth? Sign us up!


Our bodies are mostly water, so what if a toy factored that in? Meet Hydrathrill. Vibrating at an ultra-penetrating low frequency that travels best through liquid, Hydrathrill technology sends intense vibrations through every inch of your body, helping you experience deeper, longer-lasting orgasms. Find this must-have tech in clitoral toys (Make Waves and Private Beach) or double the fun with the Shore Thing dual-action or Vitamin Sea c-ring vibes.

Touch Sensor 

A swipe right should lead to something mind-blowing—and with Touch Sensor technology, it does. Toys with this exclusive tech use contact-responsive sensors to vibrate when you touch them. Plus, you can customize the vibration intensity of each pulsing pattern with just a swipe of your finger!* Get In Touch with your partner or try out a wand or dual-action vibe. And if you’re feeling adventurous, check out the Secret Touch anal vibrator!

So, there you have it, three types of tech to choose from! (Or don’t choose—we love all three, too!) Each toy tech adds a little something special to solo and partner play, so no matter which one you add to cart, you’re in for a treat.

*The Get In Touch c-ring does not include the additional vibration intensity setting.

Two Thoroughfares Named After Motown Great David Ruffin — Black America Web

David Ruffin was the lead singer on The Temptations hits “My Girl,” “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” and “Wish It Would Rain” This year, 2019, marked the ceremonies to rename two thoroughfares after Motown great David Ruffin. The first one took place on June 13th in Detroit when Parkside Street – on which Ruffin lived –…

via Two Thoroughfares Named After Motown Great David Ruffin — Black America Web

Mammograms Matter

This is the face of a woman who started having mammograms when she was 40 years old and the standard was 50 years old. I was so glad that I did, at first. Then I would have to come every 6 months. I felt like I was constantly coming because of the “density” of my breast, the 3D imager always found something.

Well, at the time that I took this picture, it had been 5 years since my last imaging and that is inexcusable.  So now we are back to annual visits and I’m so happy to report that I am another year free.  While I don’t expect any new lumps or masses, I’m more than happy to hear that nothing was found and I don’t have to come back in 6 months.  I’ll get my next imaging on November 26, 2019.  If you did not get a mammogram during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s not too late.  Early detection is paramount to living.

Join me this year and schedule your mammogram if you haven’t had one in 2019.  You may thank me, but your friends and family will definitely thank you for taking such good care of yourself.

See you at the lab!!

GOT Final Season – Episode 3


For those that have not watched last night’s episode, there are spoilers so if you don’t want to know what happens, please come back after you’ve watch GOT season 8 episode 3.

FIRST – My Take-aways from the Battle of Winterfell.

1. Everything that happened has been foretold. It all makes sense.

2. While many people were disappointed, the episode was EPIC!

3. Now the battle to win the throne begins. Remember, this is Games of Thrones, not Games of Epic Battles. They had to overcome the white walkers to earn the throne.

4. Cersei still sits on the iron throne and she’s a mad queen by anyone’s logic.

5. While this is hilarious, it must be updated and we need to discuss. The Red Queen is a hero. WTH!?!

6. Will the North remember and where do Daenyrus and Sansa stand now? They have an unfinished conversation.

7. What about Jon and Daenyrus? She saved him when he was surrounded proving her love and loyalty? Or does it? Did she save him because she needs him? That would be practical. Would she really give up the throne? It’s all she’s worked for her entire life.

8. Whose left that is completely loyal to Daenyrus? The Mormont lineage died in Ep. 3. But as an aside, can I say that they went out in Grand style. They are true warriors I’d always want them on my team.

9. Who will stay in the North? Who will continue for the Great Battle? How many people are left to fight? And can we discuss Samwell always lives to fight another day? Stop underestimating the underdog. Are there enough people to fight this battle for the throne?

10. Who is going to kill Cersei? Is it Jamie? Arya? Tyrion? Sansa? All of them?

There is a Hollywood Reporter article confirming who died in this episode. You have to read it.

I can’t wait for this wee’s predictions and discussions. That’s all for now!

I Am Not My Hair – Part 1

Recently, I’ve been thinking about cutting all my hair off. I actually shaved the sides with longer Locs on top. I wear it this way to work so that no one sees my shaved hair but often now wear it a ponytail or bun at home. It is a huge adjustment from my long, full Locs but I’m adapting. (check next post for past hair pictures)

When I read this story about the TSA machines possibly singling our Black Women because of their hair, I had a flashback!

When I transitioned from relaxed hair to natural hair, I wore different types of hair styles. However, working with corporate America and in the political system, it was necessary for me to remain conservative. In addition, I traveled – A Lot! I was in different cities and states on a weekly basis. Sometimes I drove, if my destinations were close enough. Most times, I was flying or catching the train. It gave me time to work 🧐

When they say this story is late, it could have been written more than a decade ago. No matter how conservative my hair, I was always stopped. And I was not alone. Any woman at that time who pioneered this natural phenomenon that we are experiencing today can attest to it.

One time, my braids were pinned back in a tight bun because braids were not considered professional or conservative at the turn of the century. I was asked to attend this meeting at the last minute. Because I had Bobby pins in my hair, they forced me to take them out and scan my hair. At the time, I really think they just wanted to touch my hair 😉 Black Hair always fascinates some.

If the TSA scanners are now targeting Black women, we must address this and address it now! I can only imagine what is happening to women today. I don’t travel quite as often as I did then, but I am always prepared for the pat down and hair check. It has become part of my life. I wonder, 🤔 will they continue to check my hair when I cut it all off. I suspect that they may!

I am not my hair!

Game of Thrones Season 8, Ep 1

When I first started watching Game of Thrones (GOT), the 4th season had just ended. My co-workers talked about it every Monday and Friday during lunch and I was completely lost, uninformed and unashamed.

HBO was part of my Verizon Fios package so I caught an episode one night and was not impressed, AT ALL! Like many who pick up in the middle of a season or episode, I did not know who the characters were or how they were related and missed most of the references. I didn’t even watch the whole episode.

Then, my co-worker challenges me to just watch the first episode – Season 1, Episode 1. “Just watch it!” That’s what he asked me to do and I did. And my life has not been the same. The episode was okay but it kept my attention. I honestly thought it was nice but I wasn’t sure if I would continue watching, the. This happened.

And again my life has never been the same.

So now we have come to the end of this journey. Join me as we watch what happens when Jamie and Bran reunite since this unforgettable occurrence, as the White Walkers travel South, while the pack returns home because they cannot be successful alone, as unusual alliances are formed and our fantasy comes to an end.

And the whole time, I’ll share these special treats.

Be like Bradley Cooper

On Saturday, Bradley Cooper revealed that he auditioned for the legendary Spike Lee and was rejected. When I heard this story I immediately thought about his tenacity, his willingness to never give up, his belief in himself. Sure he probably had good days and bad days, sometimes wanting to give up on his dreams but he didn’t. He says that he was rejected THOUSANDS of times yet he persisted. He continued to audition. He trained, honed his craft, and never gave up.

I attended a Paparrazzi conference yesterday where the keynote speaker was one of the company’s founders Trent Kirby. He encouraged us to fail. That may sound funny but is t that exactly how Bradley Cooper and so many others have achieved their success. He failed. He failed to get that part with Spike Lee but did that deter him. NO! We are going to fail but we must fail forward, get back up and try it again. Be engaged in our business, our dream; fail, learn from that failure and try again.

Be like Bradley Cooper! Remember that great people fail all the time. We may not see all their failures. We may not see any at all, but as a student of history, Trent reminded me yesterday that greatness doesn’t come from always winning. In order to truly be great, there will be times when you fall short of your goals. The key yo greatness is how you respond to your failures. Do you give in and give up? Or, do you pick yourself up, fail forward, learn and try again?