Good Day! I have to share a somewhat recent experience (it’s from this past winter). There is a lesson here and writing the experience helps me learn the lesson! Get Excited!!

So I awoke at 2:00 am that morning because our youngest still was not feeling well.  I don’t sleep well when my babies are sick. Since I’m up, I check my phone (of course) and I have 6 text messages. Turns out 5 are from the same person with foolishness. Unfortunately, it’s foolishness that I have let linger much too long. I have a sick child, so it will have to wait another day or so. I don’t have time for her drama today! Anyway, I had baby duty yesterday, so hubby and nephew agree to step in today if needed but her temp was normal by 5:30 am. So I’m out the door. I’m late at 5:45 am, but I’m still ready for my meetings today which don’t start until 10:00 am.

Now, I’m running late but I get to the bus stop in time and find that the bus has no heat. No problem! Our driver arranged for a new bus. However, one woman was so irate that she follows the driver off the bus (we are outside, in line, watching this drama unfold). This woman gets in the bus driver’s face and proceeds to call her an idiot, invading her personal space so much so that her spittle hit the driver in the face.
Seriously?!? Was that really necessary?

When did we become a society that stopped treating people like people, with dignity? Was all that necessary at 6:00 am? At any time? Absolutely Not! Just like my text messages, sometimes situations call for people to talk with one another with respect, not envy, not malice, not passive-aggressive behavior. R-E-S-P-E-C-T as Miss Aretha taught us!

People are so caught up in their own lives and issues that they forget that other people have a perspective also. Having recently experienced others taking my kindness for granted, I decided to look at my own behavior. What am I doing that others believe that I am vulnerable in this area? Recognizing that I’m not perfect, there are things that I plan to change. Much like my driver this morning, I refuse to allow others to take my kindness for granted. Sometimes you just have to allow them to vent, then walk away!

The driver just walked away from this unreasonable woman. She allowed her to vent her frustrations then proceeded to continue doing her job. That was an admirable response. In many instances, people do not recognize just how inconsiderate and thoughtless they are being. They see the world from their own perspective giving little to no brainpower to the other person’s perspective. 

Personally, those type of people are toxic, poisonous and have no place in my life. I’ve decided to pursue friendships with people of like values and mores. I will continue to be kind and considerate to others but I choose not to have them in my life. We are born into family but choose our friends. It’s time to make the best choices!

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