Julianne Q Johnson

Rejection.  What a grim and depressing idea.  The word itself seems cold and desolate.  Whether you are an actor auditioning for a favorite role, or a single guy with a crush on the woman in the next cubical, no one likes to get rejected.

So, you want to get something published?  Prepare yourself for a slew of rejections.

Dear Sucky McSukington,

I’m afraid there is no way in hell I can represent your lame-ass novel.  What were you thinking?  Your query has all the interest of a moldy dish of milk toast, and your main character acts as if he is infested with fleas.  I tried to read the chapters you included, but your narrative style made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Please refrain from sending me any of your future efforts, and hang on to that day job for dear life, I beg you.


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