People: A Photo Essay of the All-Inclusive World of David Robert Bliwas

What a great eye he has!

The Neighborhood

David Robert Bliwas shoots photographs of people that tend to look just like you and me. His eye for capturing the perfect moment, and to freeze that moment in time, allowing each picture and each subject to speak for itself, is an artist who is at one with his craft. P-Shaw accomplishes the same wonder with song. He may know who he is singing too or about, but the freedom in his music. allows everyone of us, to see our life inside his songs.

A Photo Essay of the All-Inclusive World of
David Robert Bliwas

music: Snatched the Wind by
P-Shaw Productions feat. EuPhony

people but for the grace of God

People smokin’ cool…

People Rory…with the game face on….and its working….

People Time Heals?

People monk… peace written all over his face…

people To Be Young…Gifted…and Black….and Beautiful….

people Still Happy After All These Years….

people Jennifer…

people He Served….Proudly….

people Wisdom of the Ages….

People Coming and Going….

The Neighborhood…. you’re home

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