My Health Mission – Day 29

Yes, Day 29! I’m not always on a schedule.  This is a journey and while time management is one of my challenges; it’s not the one I’m working on right now. This will not always   be routine: daily, weekly or monthly posts. So it’s day 29!

This is me now. Relaxing! Something that I wasn’t doing 30 days ago. That was my first step. My MoM told me to take time for me and that exactly what I’m doing. I bought a nice shirt that fit, a book to read and sat back doing what I enjoy! Check me out! 

 This has been a hard road, probably one of the hardest things that I will do in my life. I’ve spent most of the month learning. Learning how obesity kills more people than cancer and AIDS combined, yet there’s few national campaigns to “Cure Obesity”! Too many people would lose too much money and that’s so much more important.  Healthy foods cost more, are harder to access and are almost none existent in some neighborhoods. The irony is that’s where these so-called healthy foods are needed the most. Lots of people know it but few seem to care.
The research was making me cynical. I thought about deleting that paragraph but its about the journey and that research was a big part of it.  I’m sure this won’t be the last time it’s referenced.  And NO, researching obesity and the lack of response by the medical community was not helping me at all, so I stopped researching the condition and focused on ME.  This is my problem and I’m the only person who can solve. I’m just going to need lots of help and support.

Support is exactly what I’ve sought. What I didn’t know was that support was not covered by my insurance and would cost me as much as $7,000. Some take monthly payments, some want it all upfront, but none of it includes food for me or my family, that’s extra. That’s in addition to the thousands of dollars they want for the support and the benefit of their expertise. Is that why rich people can stay healthy and poor people suffer even when they work hard for it. I don’t know but that can’t be me. I’m determined to figure out how to make it work with my hectic schedule, sugar-addicted family and moderate income.

I’m fat; that’s a fact. I may be smaller than some but I’m definitely bigger than I should be, because I like to eat and stopped exercising daily when I had multiple children. Logic indicates that I should eaten less, but that absolutely didn’t happen.  I’ve always liked to eat. When I would visit my grandparents, they always fixed me fried fish, collard greens (or salad as my grandfather called it), and grits – my favorite foods. Dessert was a pound cake and ice cream – Love on a plate! Now those are still my favorite foods but I need to bake the fish, eat a real salad sans the dressing and substitute the grits for mashed cauliflower. See, I know what to do. So, why aren’t I doing it. 

That’s what we are going to figure out. That’s where you can help. That’s what this journey is all about. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot more to learn and a long way to go. Learning more about me is what will get me there and help me reach my goals and hopefully yours too. Let’s do this together. Get Excited!!

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