Oregon Standoff Lesson 2016 

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT:We live in a world gone mad!

Every time I think of the rhetoric, the verbal cartwheels and back flips, the restrained action for white skin, the immediate action to Black skin and the inaction on gun violence, it gets me mad.

There are grown men with confirmed rifle clearly stating that they will not go to jail, threatening to use this weapon to avoid going to jail. 
A 55-year old man is under a tarp with a gun preparing for an altercation and NO ONE is doing anything. He believes that he has a RELIGIOUS reason for taking these actions and the media is hesitating to call him a terrorist. 
The federal government is deciding what to do. The authorities are discussing the best course of action. CRAZINESS!!!
We live in a world where this 55-year old man can hold a government building hostage for minutes, hours, days with a confirmed weapon while a 12-year old child is given 1.7 SECONDS to respond to a police warning while PLAYING in his neighborhood with a suspected TOY GUN before being shot down in the street. 

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