Eyebrows on Fleek

Eyebrow Tutorials From Instagram

Watch These Eyebrows Transform From Weak to Fleek

by Emily Orofino Dec 25 2015

One of our favorite ways to procrastinate before bed is to get lost in the Instagram accounts of makeup artists. We could scroll endlessly through stunning selfies and manicure shots, but what always makes us stop and stare are the eyebrow transformations. In just a few seconds, you watch as a sparse (or even nonexistent!) brow is plucked, powdered, and gelled, only to finish at Cara Delevingne-level fullness.

While you may still aspire to the level of talent that these makeup artists have, you can definitely learn a trick or two. You’ll see which brush shape is the perfect one to apply concealer to your brow bone (to really make it pop!). You’ll find out the right way to apply mousses and gels and how to make an arch look natural, not drawn on. We especially love how each minivideo comes with its own soundtrack, so we can rock out as we attend virtual beauty school.
To view the videos, go to IG and follow @danapackett or @kelleybakerbrows or @cherrylicious for the tutorials. 

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