Carter G. Woodson: The Father Of Black History Month

  Today is the first day of Black History Month! It’s so important to share our history, know our stories and be proud of who we are. Black Americans are a central part of American history. It is so important that we know our history. 

I look forward to sharing with you this month and hope that you will share this information on your blogs and in your various social media feeds. 

Carter G. Woodson

Carter G. Woodson was born in 1875 in New Canton, Virginia. One of the first African Americans to receive a doctorate from Harvard, Woodson dedicated his career to the field of African-American history and lobbied extensively to establish Black History Month as a nationwide institution. 
Woodson lobbied schools and organizations to participate in a special program to encourage the study of African-American history, which began in February 1926 with Negro History Week. The program was later expanded and renamed Black History Month. 

  Contrary to the belief that the government choose February, the shortest month of the year, as as snub to African Americans Woodson had chosen February for the initial weeklong celebration to honor the birth months of abolitionist Frederick Douglass and President Abraham Lincoln.

Though Black History is something worthy of being celebrated all year, I’m encouraging everyone to make this month count. Enlighten yourself, your children, and your friends about the achievements of Black Americans. Feel free to check out my page everyday for a daily Black History Fact.

#KnowYourHistory #EnlightenYourself

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