Easter Flow – Family Flower

Holidays are always family time. It’s a requirement for my family. Most times there is a big event for every holiday at my uncles, and a few times here at my house. We live for everyone to come together,  the children play and the adults catch up. It doesn’t get much better than that! 

 This Easter was a bit different. It was just the nucleus, the core, my immediate family – Hubby, my Mom, and the girls! And we had a ball!! Everyone attended church and the girls danced with their modem dance teacher from Studio A Mrs. Staci!! Always awesome (video coming)

Then we went out to dinner at Fogo de Chao! The girls and my Mom had never been and we had the BEST time!!  

  It was crowded and not the ideal table; I took a small tumble earlier at church, and my foot started to swell to double its size, but MY FAMILY had a great time together. We ate until we were stuffed and bloated. The food just kept coming.  The waiter was gracious and attentive. After dinner, my Mom retired home, and we visited Kevin’s Mother at the hospital. It was truly family time!

This year, we added a craft to the mix. Easter morning we baked a cake which we decorated after the day’s activities. The idea came from Pinterest, and I think it came out PERFECT! Just take a look! 

It’s a Sunflower Cake! Our Sunflower Easter Cake!! And despite my temporary handicap, my children came together and finished the project. It’s is lovely!!  

  I’m so happy with the family Kevin and I have nurtured and loved! Even though we missed Reggie’s birthday, didn’t see my uncles, cousins, or our other children: Trey, Mark or Chedda, family time is great whether big or small! That’s our Easter Flow!!

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