Tip Tuesday

Great Day everyone. It’s Tip Tuesday, the repost for those who missed it yesterday.

I had a whole different tip planned for today but I woke up with this on my mind and in my heart. Real Simple – Be Humble!

It’s Day 2 of Aspire and Day 1 is in the history books. Yesterday was a LONGGGGGGGG day! My day started at 4am EST and ended at 12:30am PST. Do the math. Girl Bye! I didn’t even know I had it in me. 😜 In the mean time and in between time, I met new people, forged new alliances, sang karaoke, earned prizes and surprises (FULL STOP – I have to get a new suitcase because I have SOOO MUCH FREE STUFF and I haven’t bought a piece of jewelry yet), showed patience, attended a concert, spent time with some Phenomenal People, met a Legend, learned from people who have what I want (many who know me – KNOW – I believe that you learn from those who have (or had) what you want!) My upline Shanae says it a different way, “The juice has to be worth the squeeze.” You’ll catch that one on the way home.

None of this would be possible if I did not humble myself, follow my leaders and be coachable. We have three more full days of this conference to go and I am already so grateful that I am here. Everyday we must find something to be grateful for. That’s what keeps us humble. At least, that’s what keeps me humble.

C.S. Lewis who is one of my favorite authors was known to say, “Humble is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.”

So be humble enough to know that “I’m not BETTER than anyone else,” yet wise enough to know “I’m different from the rest!” Then go out, walk in your purpose and Be Great!

Have a positive and productive week!

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