GOT Final Season – Episode 3


For those that have not watched last night’s episode, there are spoilers so if you don’t want to know what happens, please come back after you’ve watch GOT season 8 episode 3.

FIRST – My Take-aways from the Battle of Winterfell.

1. Everything that happened has been foretold. It all makes sense.

2. While many people were disappointed, the episode was EPIC!

3. Now the battle to win the throne begins. Remember, this is Games of Thrones, not Games of Epic Battles. They had to overcome the white walkers to earn the throne.

4. Cersei still sits on the iron throne and she’s a mad queen by anyone’s logic.

5. While this is hilarious, it must be updated and we need to discuss. The Red Queen is a hero. WTH!?!

6. Will the North remember and where do Daenyrus and Sansa stand now? They have an unfinished conversation.

7. What about Jon and Daenyrus? She saved him when he was surrounded proving her love and loyalty? Or does it? Did she save him because she needs him? That would be practical. Would she really give up the throne? It’s all she’s worked for her entire life.

8. Whose left that is completely loyal to Daenyrus? The Mormont lineage died in Ep. 3. But as an aside, can I say that they went out in Grand style. They are true warriors I’d always want them on my team.

9. Who will stay in the North? Who will continue for the Great Battle? How many people are left to fight? And can we discuss Samwell always lives to fight another day? Stop underestimating the underdog. Are there enough people to fight this battle for the throne?

10. Who is going to kill Cersei? Is it Jamie? Arya? Tyrion? Sansa? All of them?

There is a Hollywood Reporter article confirming who died in this episode. You have to read it.

I can’t wait for this wee’s predictions and discussions. That’s all for now!

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