Gov. Hogan Calling for Schools to Open by 3/1/2021. Why?

Today, I am sharing the Maryland Governor’s plan to force schools to begin opening by March 1st or face legal action. Has the Governor’s office reached out to each school system or is he and the Maryland Superintendent dictating from their offices? I suggest that instead of threatening legal action, the State of Maryland officials should learn from President Biden and find ways to work together, not make arbitrary threats. They should find common ground and work with public school systems. It seems that since he took office and defunded the Baltimore City Public School Systems, he is much better equipped to dictate than he is to work cohesively with his colleagues. While Larry Hogan has done a good job at mandating masks in Maryland and showed leadership when there was a lack of leadership on the federal level, he has not shown a capacity to work with local leadership to support ALL MARYLANDERS and not just the businesses and constituents who support you.

Don’t take my opinion. Read the plan to return to the classroom that the Maryland Governor posted and let me know what you think.

Maryland Governor Hogan Plan to return to in-class learning by March 1st

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