Breonna Taylor

It may seem strange that we celebrate the death of a young, vibrate, Black woman who served her community and was simultaneously struck down by it because her life meant less to someone with a little power.

Breonna Taylor is a 26-year-old Black woman, who was fatally shot in her Louisville, Kentucky, apartment on March 13, 2020. Exactly one year ago today, three plain clothes white officers arrived at her home as part of a drug investigation and shot her to death. Those are the facts. We can discuss the nuances, reasons and details for why they happened, but when you get to the least common denominator of this situation, those are the facts.

A friend wrote on her timeline that Breonna Taylor should be home enjoying her family. And she could. I cried when I read it.

Today was a great day foe my family. My nephew and his team won the Big East Championship for the first time their school’s history. He is headed to the NCAA! It is amazing 🤩 Last year, they were right at this point last year when the pandemic happened. Covid-19 stripped them of the opportunity to win the Big East. This year they made it and I was so happy foe him and his parents that I could almost burst.

But I could not celebrate without remembering the sacrifice of Breonna’s family on this same day in history. I thought about the fact that as I celebrate, her mother continues to relive what may be the worst day of her life. No one has paid a price for her sorrow. No one is accountable for the fact that three (3) plain clothes officers entered a woman’s home and shot 32 bullets hitting her 6 times. They never even search her home, and no one has been charged in her death. Despite my joy today, I cry for yesterday… and cannot live without working to keep it from happening again. #sayhername #BreonnaTaylor

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