90% Of Teens Have Used Social Media (But They Still Prefer Engaging Face To Face) [STUDY] – AllTwitter

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90% Of Teens Have Used Social Media (But They Still Prefer Engaging Face To Face) [STUDY] – AllTwitter.

By Shea Bennett on June 27, 2012 8:00 AM
A new study has shed some light on the ways that teenagers are using social media, which has quickly established itself an important – and influential – part of their everyday lives.

Some 90 percent of 13-17 year olds have used social media, placing it ahead of texting (87 percent), email (77 percent) and instant messaging (63 percent), with one in five saying that platforms such as Facebook and Twitter make them feel more confident.

The survey was undertaken by Common Sense Media, who polled more than 1,000 13-17 year-olds around the USA – essentially the first generation to have “grown up” on Facebook. The survey showed that nine in ten teens had used social media overall, with 27 percent having used Twitter.

51 percent of teenagers visit a social networking site daily (second in usage only to texting).
Facebook was the social network of choice amongst teens, with more than two-thirds (68 percent) using this channel. Twitter captured second place (6 percent) and Google+ finished third alongside MySpace, with just 1 percent of the vote.

The study also revealed that meeting in person was still a teenager’s favourite way to communicate with friends, with almost half (49 percent) preferring this method. Texting finished in second place (33 percent), with less than one in ten favouring social media for friend engagement (7 percent). Twitter alone captured just 1 percent of this vote.

Face-to-face communication was generally preferred because it is “more fun”.

It’s not all roses, though – one in three teens (36 percent) said that they sometimes wished they could go back to a time before Facebook. The report concludes, however, that while we should proceed with caution, teenagers and social media are, overall, a pretty good mix.

“None of this means that there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to teens and social media,” write Common Sense Media. “The concerns are real: about privacy, bullying, hate speech, body image, and oversharing, to name a few. And we won’t know for a long time how the immediacy of digital communication may be shaping interpersonal relationships and social skills. But the results of this survey do help put the challenges and pitfalls of social media into a broader perspective and offer reassurance that, for the most part, the kids are all right.”

(Source: Common Sense Media. Social chat image via Shutterstock.)

School and Business Delays for Tuesday, Feb. 18

Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Cecil, Harford, Howard, Montgomery and Prince George’s County schools operating 2 hours delayed schedule.

Queen Anne’s County schools are 90 minutes late.

Washington Federal offices operating on time.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services opening at 9:30 am.

Side streets are slippery but main roads clear. Be very careful and leave early.



Here is the view from my front door! Those are two large SUVs covered in snow – Cadillac and Ford Expedition – blanketed by Mother Nature.

The snow has come and it’s still coming. Freezing rain and sleet are expected this afternoon. Amazing!!

There is no reason to list the schools, government offices or other businesses that are closed. Everything is closed. Let me say that again! EVERYTHING IS CLOSED!!!

If you don’t have to leave home, DON’T!!! Unfortunately, I see shoveling in my future, because my husband has to go to work and has a sprained wrist. Wish us luck! I feel like a postman – “neither snow nor sleet nor rain not dead of night will keep me from my appointed rounds.” I may have paraphrased but you get the point!!

Well, let me get to work then back to bed I go – wishful thinking.

Changing your Finances in 5 minutes

Jessica Szymanski gives some great financial advice. Here is a repost if get most recent blog that I follow in Twitter. It only takes 5 minutes to read his blog and 5 minutes change your finances. I highly recommend following her blog!

I have already done some of these things and the difference it meant for me is amazing! I’m about to create my Pinterest board!! Get Excited!!

“I’m big into New Year’s resolutions. I think it’s because I love fresh starts and clean slates.

This year, I have a few resolutions. First and foremost: If it takes less than 5 minutes, do it now.

It’s surprising how many things we put off that could get done in 5 minutes. For example: calling to make a doctor’s appointment. Or unloading the dishwasher. Or deleting junk email. The list goes on and on.

Turns out, most of the things that you procrastinate on aren’t actually difficult or time-consuming – you just avoid doing them because they feel like a pain in the neck. But crossing a small to-do off your list can offer an outsized peace-of-mind reward because it clears mental clutter and makes you feel that you accomplished something. There’s also some evidence that this approach sets you up to achieve bigger goals, too.

In the spirit of making good on financial resolutions both big and small, here are 10 ways you can get your finances on track in the next 5 minutes or less.

Sign up for an IRA.

Unsubscribe from 3 online retailer emails.

Check the beneficiaries on your 401k to make sure they reflect your spouse or kids.

Set up automatic bill pay—no more late fees!

Take the first step in teaching your child about money. Snag this cool piggy bank that helps kids understand that money can be used for 4 things: saving, spending, donating and investing.

Sign up for paperless communications with your bank.

Change your light bulbs to CFL bulbs. They last 10 times as long, use 90% less energy, and can save you $40 over the lifetime of the bulb.

Sign up for a 529 account to start saving for your child’s college education.

Remove 2 credit cards from your wallet, and put them in a drawer where you’ll forget about them.

Create a Pinterest board called “My Retirement” and start pinning photos of what you want your retirement to look like. Refer back to the board when you’re feeling down, to remember what you’re saving up for.

The clock starts now. What can you do in the next 5 minutes?”

Jessie Szymanski writes about personal finance. You can find more of her posts at

New Year, New Way to a Better You!

Every new year, people make resolutions.  I have decided that I’m not making resolutions, but commitments.

A resolution is the act of finding a solution to a problem, a way of determining something.

However, a commitment is a promise to do something, a declaration to be loyal to something.

Resolutions look for answers to problems; commitments know the answer and do what is necessary to fix it.  I know what my problems are and how to fix them.  I need to improve my financial outlook and lose weight.  Simple, right?  Not even.

For years, I have sought out short cuts, long-term solutions, new ways of doing things, different ways of doing things, all kinds of stuff.  I’ve bought pills, books, exercise equipment, cut household expenses, stopped paying for personal “luxuries”.  I’ve tried it all.  Recently, I’ve been exposed to a new saying that holds true for many different situations. “Some will, some won’t, some do, some don’t, so what!” None of the things that work or not mean little if I am not COMMITTED to making it happen.

More information will be shared as I go through this journey.  I will share consultants, websites, blogs and other information as we travel on this journey together.

Check out: Healthy Heart Plus for information on the cleansing that I have decided to follow.  The 52-week challenge is all over the internet, but I will repost fellow bloggers article also.

This year, I am COMMITTED to CHANGE – One Day at a Time! – starting with two (2) things – the 52-week Challenge and a 30-day cleanse.  In order to remain accountable to my commitment, I share it with you.

Any Left-over Halloween candy?

Hcandy1If you are anything like me, you have buckets full of candy in your house from Halloween. Whether it’s the candy that you purchased – stashed, let’s call it what it is, I stashed it! for a rainy day! wink-wink!!! – and subsequently did not give out, or one of the many buckets per child that came home and was tossed to the side, or the candy that you received from holiday spirit-filled co-workers and friends, whatever the case, you have lots of candy to manage.

Well, today I have a few fun and practical ideas for tackling that mound of sugar that threatens your gums and your waistline before the holidays.  Fun, because your children will see what you’re doing and want to “help” anyway that they can.  What child wouldn’t want their weekly chore to involve putting away the left-over candy?  Check that right off your to-do list!  So, what can we do with some of this candy?

1)  Take a pail to the office to share on the “community table” with a note to your co-workers to, “Enjoy a Treat on My Family!”

2) Start your holiday gift giving early! Decorate old tins and jars in your home with glitter, glue, and other various knickknacks or Pick up a holiday-themed tin (with lid) from your local Dollar store, add the candy and tie a pretty bow around it.  What a lovely gift and it cost you literally pennies to make.

hcandy33) Use the Hershey kisses, Reese mini cups, KitKat bars, Snickers, Butterfingers and more to make cookies and brownies

4) Sticking with another food idea: mix those same chocolate-based products with vanilla ice cream for flavored ice cream.  Now, that’s a treat every child loves!

5) And for those that have lots of those candy corns and mini pumpkins, what better way to preserve those stale treats and keep your child occupied for hours making candy art.  Will they eat some of those treats?  That is very possible, but the artwork will occupy them with something other than the television, and it may end up being decorations for next year’s festivities!!


This is just some things that I do in my house.  I’ve included links to other bloggers who have great ideas also!!


What is Halloween?

what is halloween

During a time between autumn and winter, harvest and disposal, life and death, we celebrate Halloween with costumes and superstitions.  Halloween is one of the oldest holidays celebrated today with its origins in the 2,000 year old Celtic tradition of Samhain (pronounced sow-in).  Samhain was a celebration held on the night before their new year, November 1, characterized with bonfires, costumes, and fortune-telling. As the Celts became more influenced by Christian mores after being conquered by the Roman Empire and with the influence of Pope Boniface and Pope Gregory III, Halloween came to be celebrated on the eve of All Saints Day or All-Hallowmas, incorporating many of the traditions of Samhain and two Roman Empire traditions of Feralia – a Roman Empire custom marking the passing of the dead, and a celebration honoring Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruits and trees whose symbol is an apple.  So, that’s where the tradition of “bobbing for apples” was derived.bobbing for apples2

Over time, Halloween became a more secular and community-based observance.  With the first immigrants to America, Halloween was celebrated primarily in southern states, of which Maryland is included, due to the strict Protestant principles in colonial New England.  However, as the Irish fled from the great potato famine of 1846, Halloween became more popular blending Irish and English customs with Native American influences.  Overtime, the ritual of Halloween dropped most of its religious and superstitious traits, and it became a national holiday in the early 20th century in America. 

halloween bonfireToday, the American tradition of “trick-or-treating” and dressing in costumes have become a way of life dating back to the holiday’s Celtic, Irish and English origins.  While the holiday has been plagued with vandalism and negative connotations over the years, Halloween relied on the good will of spirits traditionally; now it relies on the “good-will” of parents and community leaders for children to have fun. So as the days get shorter, the weather grows chilly and winter begins, people around the world celebrate with parties, costumes, and sweet treats!

happy halloweenHappy Halloween!! Make it Great!

Rise of the Thought Police

A Must Read!



Five-year-old Suzie heads off to kindergarten in rural Minnesota. She settles into her class routine full of activity, discovery, and friendship.

Then the day takes a turn. As part of newly mandated diversity training, Suzie’s teacher brings out Heather Has Two Mommies for some light mid-morning reading. A typically precocious kindergartener, Suzie pipes up during the story to correct the teacher’s telling. “God gave us a mommy and a daddy,” she exclaims.

Though no student takes exception to Suzie’s remark, the teacher cringes and becomes keenly aware of her state-mandated role to report any incident which could be construed as bullying. So Suzie gets pulled out of class and taken to the principal’s office, where she’s met by a counselor.

There begins a process of formative intervention and remedial discipline. More than correction for objectively inappropriate behavior, this intervention focuses on changing who Suzie is…

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