Dance Mom Life

img_6674-1We have two beautiful daughters who have been dancing almost as long as they have been walking.   Our eldest Kennedy started dancing at the Maryland School for Ballet and Peabody at the age of 3.  At that time, we lived in Baltimore City off Belair Road. I would drive to Harford County every Saturday morning just to take my big girl to dance class.   She was invited to study at Peabody while I was working at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, so her classes were not far from my office.  Not long after the birth of our 2nd daughter, we moved to Baltimore County.  Kennedy continued to study at Peabody Institute, and I ran into a former co-worker and friend Adrienne Watson Carver.  She and her husband own Studio A, and we visited the studio and attended a recital. The next semester, we registered Kennedy, and Olivia was nearly old enough to start their ‘Intro to Dance’ classes, so she loved watching while her big sister was in class.  I took the girls to the studio every Monday and Saturday.  Kennedy would come home and teach her sister every movement, every dance.  The rest is, as they say, history!  Twelve years later, my girls continue to study at Studio A and have earned the honor of being on the Studio A Dance Competition Team. Olivia is a member of the Studio A Ensemble and Kennedy is graduating high school in 2020 and earning her black belt in Tae Kwon Do. #StudioAGirls4Life

img_8744-3December 2019 marks a major milestone for our girls. First, Kennedy will perform in her final Studio A Nutcracker performance.  She is the lead Chinese Tea dancer.  She is so excited to be a senior, to be dancing in a lead role and to have accomplished this milestone in her growth an outstanding leader in our family, her school and our community.

In addition to her studies, Kennedy works at the Loftin Love Day Care Center and is a scholar in two afternoon programs: Studio A Cotillion / Beautillion and the Pure Potential Scholars program.  As an active participant of these programs, Kennedy is building social, political and economic skills that will last her a lifetime.  The workshops and activities are designed to help Kennedy make the best decisions for her growth and development to ultimately achieve her goals as a young lady.  I am so proud of the young leader that she is and the world changing lady that she is destined to become.

Let’s not forget the baby of the bunch – Little Olivia is not so little anymore.  She is doing her own thing also and we are so proud of her.  This may be Kennedy’s last Nutcracker role but it is Olivia’s first lead.  Olivia is Maria, the little girls who dances her way to helping her Hip Hop team win, then goes home to dream of sugar


plum fairies, merlitons and snowflakes while her Nutcracker soldier defends her from the Mouse Queen.  What an honor to be entrusted with this role.  We know that she will do great things.

Olivia is also a member of the Sudbrook Swingers, Sudbrook All-Girls Ensemble and the Studio A Dance Ensemble.  These are her first steps to broadway!

You already know… I’m super duper proud of my girls.  If you can’t tell, you’re not paying attention.  And if you don’t agree, keep it to yourself.  I love and adore them, and I’m good and crazy when it comes to them.  Please don’t test me LOL!!!  I’m just joking (not really!)