25994827_10215289619293671_770094733641273366_nHi There!  I am Monica Briggs Anderson, and I am a beauty and fashion consultant who sells products that make people look and feel GREAT!  I am also a womanist.  What does that mean?  It means that I believe in the educational, social, political, economic and sexual equality of the sexes.

I am a graduate of Spelman College and Johns Hopkins University who is married with children. IMG_1099.jpg

I share my life as a boss lady: Paparazzi Director, dance mom, pageant mom, PTSA President and Mary Kay Personal Use consultant with a social media presence on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

This blog finds the humor and sorrow in our everyday, ordinary lives! Providing hope and motivating myself and others. I work full-time during the day, part-time at night, and ALL-THE-TIME to achieve my goals! I’m loving life, building a legacy and sharing the wealth!

Currently, I live in Randallstown, a small town in Baltimore County, MD that does not get the credit it deserves.  A large part of my business is selling jewelry, beauty  and relationship products.

  • I am starting anew by doing something that I’ve never done. I’m sharing my struggle with life. I won’t demean it and give it a name or title because you can’t put it in a box, like elation or depression or hormones or joy or exhaustion. It’s none and all of those things. I struggle regularly to get out of bed, go to work, manage my household, educate my children, be a good steward of our finances, find my passion…the list goes on.  The point is that I struggle. Despite what people see, despite the person that I emanate, I struggle.  And it’s okay!Sharing is about healing! We all need healing, so good or bad, up or down, right
  • or wrong; I share…and hope you will to!




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