Olivia Is Representing Team USA

IMG_5124My daughter Olivia (aka Libby) has been selected for Team USA at the World Championship of the Performing Arts. Dancers, singers, actors and models from ALL OVER THE WORLD compete before 75 judges from the entertainment industry every year to win gold, silver and bronze medals. This year is the 20th Annual World Championships of Performing Arts®, being held on July 8 – 17, 2016 in Long Beach, California. Many cite this event as the official “Talent Olympics” for aspiring performers. Yes, there is an Olympics for performers – Get Excited!

Contestants are expected to compete from over 50 countries, and Olivia Anderson is representing us on Team USA with her sister and brother performers! This is such an awesome opportunity for Olivia and part of her success starts with YOU!  She will have the chance to grow as a professional artist, get scholarships and even earn a role in a commercial, TV show, play or movie!  There are no limits, and we are so proud of her talent and drive to reach this goal!

Please consider making a donation to support Libby. We will use all funds raised to help offset the costs to attend. We will be in Long Beach, CA for 10 days. Costs include the Team USA uniform, costumes, head shots, travel & hotel expenses and the cost of having her coach with her. Our budget is well over $5,000 for this event, and we are asking for your help!   Would you do Libby this favor and make a donation?

Just click this link: Go Fund Me for Olivia Reps Team USA to make a donation.

Thank you!

Misty Copeland is one of my daughter’s sheros.  She admires her life and her story because “Ms. Copeland knew that she was a great dancer and went after her dreams, no matter the cost.  Ms. Copeland did not let anything stand in her way, and neither will I”  (quote from Olivia).   Help us help Libby make her dreams come true!

Misty Copeland

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